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A disastrous morning…

The school runs are NEVER fun and this morning was no exception. My night was filled with broken sleep and to make it worse, lying next to my partner was like being in bed with a f***kin’ otter. She just didn’t keep still.

I missed the alarm, which is unlike me. However, my partner soon woke me up with a swift jab to the side. I lifted my head and forced open my eyes to see the time. The clock read 7:22 am. I could hear the toddler mumbling to herself through the wall and jumped out of bed to grab her. My partner followed behind but headed to the twins’ room.

‘Nick, one of the kids have been sick!’ She bellowed.

For f**k sake. Couldn’t I just have an easy morning for once? Whoever tried to tell me that having kids would be the ‘Most rewarding experience ever’ were all f***ing liars. Okay… so it’s not all that bad, but after the shitty baby incident a couple of days ago, it was seeming like it was just going be another morning of cleaning the inside of a child’s stomach from the carpet. I went to grab the Vanish… again.

I returned upstairs to the stench of kid sick. It was horrible and it wasn’t just the carpet that was covered. She’d obviously had a dodgy stomach through the night and not bothered to let us know, but bless her, she wasn’t looking too good. Although she was looking alarmingly pale, I felt sorrier for the teddy bear beside her bed; his innocent little fury face had become victim. We had to throw him out.

In the struggle to clean up the mess, we were getting later and later for school. We had to get a wriggle on. We only had one of the twins to take now, but we still had to hurry. We instructed the other to stay in bed to get better. Usually, I would go on the school run with my partner, but we thought it best for me to stay with my sick ridden daughter instead. I work from home and so it was easy for me to keep an ear out in case she were to be sick again.

Leaving my partner with the Vanish and only a little more of the mess to clean up, I headed downstairs to sort out the breakfasts. I steered well clear of the porridge, the toddler has a habit of plastering it all over her face. I set the bowls out on the table and left Twin 2 and the toddler to eat their cereal whilst I went back upstairs to quickly grab a few bits. It still stank up there.

As I returned back downstairs, the bowls were empty and so I handed Twin 2 a set of clean school clothes and instructed her to get dressed whilst I clothed the toddler. The toddler definitely didn’t make it easy. I had to pin her down like a first class wrestler. She was certainly putting up a good fight, but finally she was all dressed and ready to go. My partner had now finished up in the twins’ bedroom and came down to brush my daughter’s hair whilst I watched the toddler. Considering we had woken up late and had my sick daughter to deal with, we were actually making good time. My partner went to the bathroom with the kids and brushed their teeth whilst I grabbed the coats and put the shoes by the door. I gave them all a kiss, handed my partner the keys and off they went. A disastrous morning complete.

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