The Obba App – New and Improved!

Obba is a fantastically simple way for the parents/carers/guardians of London to find local opportunities to entertain their children. But don’t run away if you are outside London – there’s something for you there too, just take a look at obba’s posts section! Oh, and it’s completely FREE!

The app is cleverly categorised into four individual groups (the buttons are big, bright and represented with the 4 obba colours):1 phone

#1 – Activities and Classes

#2 – Events and Shows

#3 – Places and Services

#4 – Obba Recommends

Below the main categories, obba automatically displays the two closest and soonest of obba’s recommendations (which are represented by a little green flag and a border around it), with the list continuing after that, in date order. However, the four coloured categories at the top of the homepage allow you to set your focus of interest and eliminate the effort of searching through the advertised events that perhaps do not best suit your needs. Once the chosen category is clicked, obba automatically lists all events relating to the individual category choice, which again show the two closest and soonest of obbas recommendations.

On the homepage, obba also provides a central button, covering all four of the main coloured categories (which also opens a convenient filter). Due to the fact that the Places and Services category does not need to provide specific dates and times (for example, you can visit parks whenever you fancy!) the central button excludes this option when filtering the results. To make it a more relevant list, it only includes the Activities and Classes, Events and Shows and recommendations! This makes it nice and simple for the parents that are open to any and all activities on offer. The list is always arranged in date order, ensuring that you never have to miss an event (reminders can also be set, read on to find out how!)

2 phone

Events can also be found by using the search tool (a magnifying glass icon in the top right hand corner of the homepage). Simply type in a word like ‘Dads’, ‘Free’, ‘Baby’, ‘Class’, ‘Weekend’ or anything you can think of and it should return with a number of results.3 phone

Its user friendly design displays the title of the activity, the distance it is from either your own specific location or a default London location (depending on whether you have your phones Share Location settings switched on) the date and time that it is taking place, the age range that it caters for, whether there is a cost, its location, postcode and description. If you would like to make a more advanced search (for example, the day of the week or time of day), this can be done by using the button displayed at the top of the screen. It couldn’t be easier, right?

An added bonus to the already sleek layout, are the inbuilt maps. The maps provide a number of icons that represent each events location. Each individual icon can be tapped on and shows a short description and location of the event in which the icon represents – tap again and it will open the full event.

Once the user has selected a specific event, by default, the 4 phonemap provides a visual representation of the distance between the event selected and either your location or a pre-set position which is the Transport Museum in Covent Garden (a great place to visit with the kids, hands down!) If the you have the Location Sharing settings switched on, obba will automatically show the distance between the event’s location and your location. The favourite location can also be set manually once signed in and entering the first part of your postcode (eg, SE1) in the ‘Menu – My account – My preferred London postcode’.

Under the events map is the events description. This provides the user with a number of ways to contact the events organiser and also a share button (you can even tweet an event from here!) Each page also has a little calendar icon in the top right hand corner which allows you to set a reminder and to add it to your phones calendar. Under the map and next to the events distance, is also a little blue triangle. Once this triangle is clicked, obba transfers you to Google Maps and provides you with accurate directions and transport times. Something to watch out for are the events that have a ‘booking required’ note in red – for those, you will need to contact the organiser to book a place or to check availability. Also, obba in general recommends that you check with the organiser before making the trip – there’s always a chance that the class may not happen (just a friendly warning here).

5 phone

Obba also has a ‘Posts’ section that allows you to add an image/poster of an event that you yourself would like to share with others. But perhaps it does not have to be an event – what if you write a blog? They accept those too! (As long as they are child appropriate) – and you don’t even need to log in to do this. It provides an extra space for the event organisers or bloggers and also provides a cheeky little like button to help show what others have recommended (you have to be logged in for that one though).


How to Sign In:

Some of obba’s features are unlocked once signed in. You can sign in to the app with Twitter, Facebook or just by filling in your email, a password and hitting the ‘New user’ button. Trust me, it’s nice an easy and done with just a few clicks (and if you make a mistake signing up? – no problem at all – just go back to ‘My account’ and the ‘Delete account’ button is there. Obba is very big on user privacy and experience. If you have a question, just ping them an email or a tweet and they’ll get back to you in something like 15 minutes).


6 phone      7 phone      8 phone


9 phone

91 phoneWhen signed in, any event can be favourited and saved for later (just tap the heart icon!) To access the favourite events, simply click (You guessed it!) ‘MENU- FAVOURITES!’ You can then sign back in at any point, and they’ll still be there!

Want to add an event to obba? Just sign in, go to ‘My account’ – swipe across the ‘Organiser’ switch and fill in the details. Once done, go back, wait for a quick approval and then click on the ‘Add Event’ button in the Main Menu. It’s that EASY!

Obba also has an about obba button (that’s where you can find the contacts and a link to review obba on the app store), and a Share obba button, but to be honest, I think they’re pretty self explanatory and so I won’t waste your time in going through them! But make sure you click that share button and let your friends and family know about obba!

So there we have it! Obba, a smart way for parents/carers/guardians to find activities that will help keep their children entertained.


You can download obba for your iPhone here:


And if you like what you see, please support them by leaving a quick review on the app store.


Obba is also on social media:

www.twitter.com/obbalondon   (@obbalondon)



Note: Obba recommends to check all events with organiser before making a trip 🙂

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