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BakerDays – The letterbox cake

So today I was lucky enough to receive a lovely cake-y surprise through the post, courtesy of! Just one problem though… It was covered in poo.

Just kidding! Well… Kind of.

Being the hilarious father that I am (although it’s a shame that my daughters don’t agree), I thought that I would gift my smelly toddler with a cake and the words ‘Happy Birthday Stinky – have a poop tastic day!’ written artistically around the poop emoji. When scrolling through the large variety of brilliant cake designs across the website of BakerDays, there was no way that I could resist this design in particular. Any opportunity that presents itself for me to wind up my children, I just had to choose it!

The package arrived in no time (if you order before 2pm, BakerDays can deliver the very next day!) and was the perfect size for fitting straight through the letterbox. The cake received was 5 inches in diameter and packaged nicely within a cute little circular tin, held within a neatly folded cardboard box. The smell that came from it was incredible! (I’m not just saying that to suck up to the people at BakerDays. Although, if they ever needed more products reviewed, I’d be more than happy to scoff more cake – Hint hint wink wink).


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Within the package, there wasn’t JUST a cake. I was surprised to find some other goodies. There was a card that read ‘Enjoy your cake from BakerDays’, a sealed bag filled with a couple of candles, balloons and a party whistle and a beautifully designed leaflet that showed the other products that BakerDays has to offer. It was a nice little touch and just goes to show that the company clearly care about impressing their customers.

The toddler loved it. All three of my kids couldn’t stop laughing at the smiley poo face that stared back from the icing. I stuck the candles through its spongy interior and then lit them. My partner giggled as I instructed the toddler to blow out the flaming turd. We sound like a mature family, right?

Seriously though, it tasted lovely. It’s well worth it’s £14.99 price tag. The vanilla and butter cream flavouring was a pleasant taste and was only enhanced by its softly textured sponge and iced coating. For a small additional cost, they also offer a chocolate chip flavour (made only with Belgian chocolate) option, a gluten wheat-free option, a dairy free option and a fruit cake option.


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So, if you ever fancy a personalised cake that can suit any occasion, whether it be a fun cake, emoji cake, teddy cake, or a one direction cake (there are loads of others to choose from too!), go ahead and visit


You can visit BakerDays here:


BakerDays is also on social media:  (@bakerdays)


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