How technology savvy is your child?

Technology has become at the forefront of everyday life. Most of us rely on it. It has become natural for us to aim for the latest gizmos and gadgets and if we don’t have them then we become envious of those that do. Growing up as perhaps the last generation to experience an almost technology-less childhood, I know that I am not the only parent that worries about technology destroying the way in which our children think. The concept of ‘playing outside’ is becoming extinct and the imagination is becoming overpowered by the pixels on a screen.

At least, this is one way of thinking about it.

Although there are many seemingly negative aspects of watching our children obsess over technology, there are plenty of pros too. It’s almost impossible to keep our children away from it and it often feels as though there’s no way that we can force them into using their imagination, but to be honest, I don’t think we need too.

Technology has provided a window into an almost infinite source of information. Any question can be answered in seconds, millions of useful apps are open to anyone at the click of a button, worldwide news is broadcast live and as it happens. Children (and people in general) are way more informed than they ever have been before.  Of course, if used incorrectly, it can have a disastrous effect, however, if controlled it can provide an amazing educational resource.

Today, many jobs also rely on technology. Business people, receptionists, cleaners, teachers, designers, doctors, librarians. The list is endless. Children have the advantage of being able to learn early. My children can already use certain gadgets better than I can!

Personally, as far as my children are concerned, I believe that it’s just important to enforce a limit on the  usage of technology and to keep an eye on what they are using/ looking at and watching. Use the child locks and passwords, and make sure they know what it is that they are allowed to use. Try and get the balance right between technology related activities and non-technology related activities. I don’t think it’s necessary to prevent their usage of it altogether.

The ever increasing power of technology can be terrifying to think about, but it can also be amazing. As parents, all we can do is embrace the positives and try and control the negatives.

How technology savvy is your child?

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