Memories in the attic

If your loft is anything like mine, it is filled to the hatch with stuff that you no longer wanted cluttering the house. You didn’t want it around the house, but you didn’t quite have the heart to throw in the bin. More often than not, the item has some sort of sentimental value. Personally, I’m a bit of a hoarder. I hate throwing things out, especially items that remind me of when my children were younger. I also like the idea of my kids being able to look through old school reports and certificates when they are at an old enough age to appreciate its nostalgic value.

I definitely get the sentimental soppy side from my own dad. Apparently, his loft is jammed to the rim with old toys, teddy bears, school reports, drawings and loads more stuff to do with my brothers and I. It’s like a humongous time capsule up there. I want to do the same for MY kids. Obviously, not everything can be kept (my loft isn’t that big!) and so it can be difficult to decide what to throw away, what to give away and what to keep.

After climbing into the loft the other day, I discovered a huge bundle of baby toys. Some carried sentimental value, but most did not. It was time for a clear out. A lot of the stuff could be passed down to our nephews, but it was still a little difficult to decide what to keep. Sadly, you tend to find that you forget what your children were like as babies and so finding toys and other items that remind you, can bring back some nice memories. So, my question is this:

What items of your kids do YOU keep?

Besides old baby toys and clothes, I’ve heard of parents keeping all sorts of stuff. It’s usually their child’s first fallen tooth, their first lock of hair or christening gifts that they had received from their family and friends. I think objects carry just as much sentimental value as photographs. It provides a window into the past and allows you to reminisce over fond memories. Luckily for me, whenever I wish I still had a particular toy or item from the past, it can usually be found somewhere within my own dads loft. I hope to provide the same sentiment to my own kids. I hope that when they are older, they will be just as grateful to me, as I am to my dad.


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2 thoughts on “Memories in the attic

  1. breakfastclubmum
    breakfastclubmum says:

    About six months ago I decided to have a good old clear out. I thought I would be distraught when I handed those bags to the local charity shop, but I wasn’t. I did keep hold of a few little things – like baby’s first outfit, favourite soft toy – but found it quite therapeutic to get rid of so much ‘stuff’. It makes you realise how much you’ve spent on toys that they barely played with!

    1. The Dad of Design
      The Dad of Design says:

      I agree, it is quite therapeutic! It’s nice to get some space back, even if it will probably just be replaced with more stuff. Then you have to clear it all out again years later!

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