The subject is COLOUR

I love to challenge the perception in which people look at things – to make them question a subject that they may otherwise look at from a singular dimension. There is one subject in particular that I have raised with a few different people, but only one has ever understood where I was coming from. Are we the only ones? Surely not.

The subject is COLOUR.

Okay… So keep with me! Let me try and explain…

So… As I’m sure that you are aware, colour can be seen all around us and is produced depending on the way our eyes reflect or emit light. Stereotypically, we see the grass as green and the sky as blue.


grass question


But, my question is this:

What if the colour one person sees is a different colour to that of another person. For example, what if my green is not the same colour as your green?

Okay… So I’m sure that some are now reading and thinking ‘That’s colour blindness, idiot.’

No. Colour-blindness is the inability to distinguish the differences between certain colours. A colour blind person may have trouble seeing certain colours but this is a different thing to what I am trying to explain, I am talking about people that see colours perfectly fine.

Keep reading, I’ll try and explain further…

The best way I can explain it to go back to the beginning. So, after you are born, you are slowly taught that certain colours have a certain name. Someone will point at a colour and then tell you the name of the colour that you are looking at. Imagine (in a made up scenario) that there is another baby being taught exactly the same thing next to you.

Now here’s where it gets complicated… What if the colour you are looking at is a completely different colour to what the other baby sees, but because you are both being pointed towards this colour and being told that it is green (as an example), you are both seeing a different colour but always associating it with the name ‘green’. When you now see grass and other objects that are green, you both call it green but are actually seeing it as a different colour. Make sense?

Perhaps this will seem like a post of rambling nonsense, but if it does make sense to anybody then I would love to hear your thoughts!


Thanks for reading!

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