Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Beech’s chocolates sent me goodies,
Through the post the other day,
In exchange for this review,
And for a chance to have my say.

Prosecco chocs, some ginger ones,
And salt caramel truffle,
The choices that we had to make,
Had caused quite the kerfuffle.

The partner and the kids,
Had all seen the chocs arrive,
And were crowding all around me,
Like some bees would to a hive.

I laid out all the boxes,
On the floor as shown below,
As we read the silver phrase,
That was cute and clear on show.




Salted caramel truffle,
Is the choc we tried out first,
With it’s silky interior,
And it’s smooth flavoursome burst.

We all enjoyed its flavour,
And were keen to try the next,
The next box read ‘Dark chocolate and ginger’,
But in a different font and text.

Although, Admittedly,
I’m not a huge dark chocolate fan,
But for the sake of science and this review,
I ate them like a man.

For dark chocolate they weren’t too bad,
But I only ate a few,
The rest got eaten by the kids,
And my partner ate some too.

Prosecco flavoured chocolates,
Were the last we had to try,
But we didn’t share these with the kids,
Which made the toddler cry.

But luckily we had some left,
Of salt caramel chocs,
So I gave her one to keep her quiet,
Whilst I opened the prosecco box.

Again, I am quite picky,
And don’t like alcohol in chocs,
I was expecting quite the fragrance,
Lifting the lid off of the box.

But surprisingly the smell was soft,
Not overpowering at all,
And so I picked one out and tasted it,
Then bit into the prosecco ball.

So there we have it, they’ve all been tried,
And we have no more to test,
Our final verdict is that we all like,
The salted caramel the best.

If you’d like to try some for yourselves,
Why not give them all a go,
And click on each and every one,
Of those links I’ve put below!


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