Sometimes you’ll say – ‘I hate you’,
Then say sorry with a hug,
Sometimes you’ll drive each other mad,
Hiding the remote under the rug.

Sometimes you’ll steal their clothes,
But sometimes they’ll steal yours too,
Sometimes you’ll eat all of their sweets,
And then say it wasn’t you.

Sometimes you’ll trip them as they pass,
Making them fall flat on their faces,
You’ll deny it when they grass you up,
And blame it on their laces.

Sometimes they will annoy you,
Sometimes they’ll laugh and mock,
Sometimes they’ll be your best friend,
Sometimes they’ll be your rock.

Sometimes you’ll love each other,
Sometimes you will unite,
Sometimes you’re bound to clash,
Sometimes you’re bound to fight.

Just be there for one another,
For the good and bad times too,
And when they drive you mental,
Remember – it’s just what siblings do.


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