A poem to the neighbours cat.

A poem to the neighbours cat.

You shit in my garden,

You sit on my fence,

You keep killing birds,

And it’s not self defence.

You leave bits of carcass,

And bird feathers spread,

Then aggressively purr,

As you perch on my shed.

You circle my house,

Like you’re casing the joint,

I’m not sure of your reasons,

Are you making a point?

I guess I won’t know,

As you only speak cat,

But I’ll try to avoid you,

I can promise you that.

You are not welcome here,

For you do not pay rent,

To reside in my garden,

You do not have consent.

So be gone! And fulfil my two simple requests,

I’d like you to leave please you small feline pest.

Stay away from my house,

My back garden and front,

And my final request,

Please stop being a c…at!


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