Fortnite Fears

Fortnite fear

Computer games seem a part of childhood nowadays (Fortnite, Roblox… The list goes on). Long gone are the days I remember of being outside on the bike or kicking a football about with the neighbourhood kids. I often feel sad that my children don’t seem to be having the experiences I had. I often wonder if I’m to blame and whether there is more that I could be doing to encourage them out. It’s difficult though, right? I mean, I don’t want to be forcing them to be doing things they don’t want to be doing, just because it’s what I used to enjoy? Maybe I would have been the same if computer games were more available at my age? Probably.

Perhaps I’m putting more value on my own experiences and naively convincing myself that my memories are better than theirs will be. Perhaps mine aren’t better, but just different. They’re getting the opportunity to have experiences that I never did, I mean, I wasn’t ever given the option to chat with my mates online from the comfort of my own bed. If it were raining or dark out, I’d be inside and bored; but they’re not.

Although I do feel that it’s important to get the children out of the house every now and then, perhaps I should embrace the ‘new world’ a little more. Attempt to get a comfortable balance of both inside fun and outside, without it feeling ‘forced’. Realise, that just because they spend a lot of time in their room, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re unhappy or not socialising, they’re just doing it a little differently. As long as we show them that we are always here for them and have their best interests at heart, I don’t think we’re ever failing them as parents.

Written by Nick L @thedadofdesign

One thought on “Fortnite fear

  1. Anita Bell

    Very true Nick balance is the key. Time away from electronics is crucial too.

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