Looking for childcare?

Looking for childcare?

It’s not easy to trust in somebody to look after your children; especially if you don’t know them. However, sometimes you have no choice but to look into childcare in order to sustain a busy life. Childcare.co.uk can help put your mind at ease and enable you to find somebody reliable (There is also a Childcare.co.uk app available for apple or android download).

How does it work?

The search and filtering function will allow you to enter your specific requirements. Just input your postcode, the type of childcare you’re looking for (Nursery, Childminder, Private Tutor etc), your preferred travel radius and click search!

Your results will then be presented as a list of profiles. These profiles allow you to delve deeper into each individual. You can check out their ‘About me’ section, their experience, qualifications, availability, fees, documents and even reviews from other people that have used them before.

Once you find somebody of interest, you can then look into contacting them. However, in order to phone or message the professional, you must first create an account. You can set up a free account or sign up to a gold membership, which in turn will provide additional perks (Check out the website/app for more info).

Childcare.co.uk is trusted and used by approximately 2 million people. It has played an extremely vital part for many during this year’s Covid-19. It has assisted parents in finding and sourcing last minute/ emergency childcare and has also helped many NHS and other keyworkers in finding childcare support.

If you’re a parent and would rather qualified professionals approach you instead of you having to do the searching, you can easily use your account to post the type of childcare that you are looking for. Type your requirements into your profile and let the qualified professionals find you.

Childcare.co.uk is a great way to search for childcare. It’s extremely easy to use. It provides a huge database of professionals and a lot of information about each individual. This is a really important feature in reassuring parents before they entrust somebody to look after their children. The website also provides help and advice. Whether you’re after parenting guides, childcare provider tips, webinars, first aid training or more, they provide a list of helpful links and articles.

Go and check out the website, It’s great!

Written by @thedadofdesign

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