A Careful Cosy Christmas

I want to bring a positive end to a difficult year. Personally, I have lost loved ones, not been able to attend funerals, had to keep a distance from family members, made redundant from my job and other personal struggles. 2020 has been difficult for everybody and I am determined to make Christmas a special one for my children.

However, although I would love to make this a reality, I am a little concerned. Every year, as a parent, I can’t help but feel the need to spend an equal amount on all three of my daughter’s.

Do all parents feel the same?

If this year has taught me anything though, it’s that time spent with our children is way more valuable than money. I’m sure that if one of our children has asked for something cheaper than the other, they wouldn’t even notice the difference in money spent. So, maybe this year we should try and set this worry aside.

We chose to put up our Christmas tree a little earlier this year. The living room has also been draped in lights and the elf on the shelf keeps getting up to mischief. We have already enjoyed evenings of hot chocolate and fully intend to watch Christmas films whilst snuggled under blankets throughout December.

Everyone’s Christmas is probably going to be a little different this year and we have to make the best of it. We have to ensure that we look after ourselves and our loved ones. Be sure to check up on the ones you love this Christmas, even if all you can do is a phone-call or Zoom chat. It’s without a doubt that everybody’s mental health has been tested and you never know how much somebody is struggling. If you are the one struggling, things will get better. Time’s a great healer, just be sure to reach out and talk to somebody. This time next year, your worries now will all be in the past.

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