Chore Chart experiment

The chore chart experiment

Chores are unfortunately a part of everyday life. No matter how many hours you spend on trying to clean up the house, it just seems to reset to the same dreadful mess a day later. As a parent to three daughters, I know of this feeling only all too well.

So why not get the kids to help out too, right?

I think it’s important to get the kids involved in the general up-keep of the house. After all, they live here too and for the most part, they’re the creators of the mess!

Including chores as a part of their everyday life will hopefully instill a little independence whilst also showing them that if they make a mess, then the consequence of such is that they will have to clean it up.

I have created a chore chart that I have started to use for each of my children in an attempt to motivate them to help out around the house. At the start of the week, I print copies off, and once they have completed a chore, we tick it. We make a target for the week, and if they reach the target, they get a reward. So far it’s working!

If you want to give it a go, feel free to visit my freebies page and print off the chore chart for yourself! I’d love to hear your feedback! Tweet me @thedadofdesign

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