Why I decided to blog

As I’m sure most people can relate to, life can get pretty hectic. Whether out at work, a stay at home parent, carer, student, or all of the above, it’s nice to have some ‘you’ time.

As a parent that works from home, I feel it nice to escape into my own little world of writing every now and again, but I often struggled to know exactly what to write about. I used to try writing little short stories and even once attempted to write my own book (I got about half way through!). I often struggled with writers block and spent more time looking at a blank computer screen than I did with actually writing anything of quality. It frustrated me, A LOT. I used to find myself being far too much of a perfectionist. I would spend ages on a single sentence and if I couldn’t get it to flow perfectly, then I would start it over. I would work on it for hours and feel like I had barely gotten anywhere. In a way, I kind of stopped enjoying it and for a long period of time, I actually stopped altogether. I needed something to kick start my love of writing again.

Then one day, as I emptied the poo filled potty down the toilet bowl, I thought to myself, why not start a dad blog? I have LOADS to talk about and plenty of stuff to write!

When writing my dad blog, I try to concentrate less on the grammar and punctuation and more on the content. Generally, I just try and have fun with it. One thing I’ve learnt, is to not worry about making the odd mistake. Sometimes I’ll put commas in the wrong place and I’m always getting my ‘to’ and ‘too’ muddled up. But to be honest, I don’t care. We all make mistakes, and a mistake just shows that we’re only human. By no means do I consider myself a professional writer, in fact, I’m not even close. But again, I don’t care.

I love writing, I love sharing stories, but most importantly, I love being a dad.

2 thoughts on “Why I decided to blog

  1. blabbermama

    This is quite similar to why I write although I’m a mummy blogger instead! My posts do tend to be mini 500 word stories though. It’s good to be creative and get your head away from the poo, tantrums and everything in between!

    1. The Dad of Design
      The Dad of Design says:

      I completely agree! I don’t think it matters how long they are, as long as you enjoy writing them that’s all that matters ?

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