Time for bed

As a parent, it can often feel as though your life is entirely revolved around your child(ren). Whether raising a baby, toddler, infant or teenager, they can require constant attention. As a result, they swallow up any free-time that you may have once had. Whatever your situation, whether it be that you’re out working, a stay at home parent, a carer, in a relationship or you’re bringing the children up as a single mum/dad, everyone deserves a little time to themselves.

This is why I find that SETTING A FIXED BEDTIME FOR YOUR CHILDREN is extremely important.

As with any job, the clocking off time is vital to not feeling overworked. It’s your time to recuperate and to prepare yourself for the next day. This is the same when raising children. It’s tiring, stressful and often frustrating. Of course, it has its many good times too, but there is nothing wrong with you wanting a little time to yourself after a long day of having to deal with the kids.

Choosing an appropriate bedtime can vary depending on the child’s age, and of course, on the preference of the parent. Personally, as a parent of three daughters (Twin 8 year olds and a toddler), my partner and I enforce 7:00pm as ‘Adult time’. This is when we choose to put the toddler to bed. At this same time, we also let the twins know that they can go up to their bedrooms and either play with their toys or watch a film. We find that 7:00pm works well. It provides us with a little time to carry out our own hobbies and to spend some time with each other as a couple. Most evenings, this time flies by, but it’s still nice to have those few relaxing child-free hours at the end of each busy day.

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