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What activities are deemed more acceptable when you’re a dad?

When you become a dad, you soon realise that you can get away with a lot more stuff than you ever could when you were child-less. Certain things suddenly become more socially acceptable. You get to use the “It’s okay, I’m with my kids” excuse. Being a dad provides you with an invisible ticket that seems to allow you to get away with things that would probably be seen as a little inappropriate if you were doing them alone. Let me give some examples… When you’re with your kids:


#1 – It’s acceptable to colour in whilst sat at a restaurant table

#2 – It’s acceptable to thrash around the ball pit

#3 – It’s acceptable to dance like a loon and get away with it

#4 – It’s acceptable to use the play areas and playgrounds

#5 – It’s acceptable to sing loudly in the car to Taylor Swift

#6 – It’s acceptable to spend hours playing with Lego

#7 – It’s acceptable to watch cartoons

#8 – It’s acceptable to play video games

#9 – It’s acceptable to play Pokemon Go in public

#10 – It’s acceptable to climb trees

#11 – It’s acceptable to use the child parking bays and park closer to the shops

#12 – It’s acceptable to take balloons from Mcdonalds

#13 – It’s acceptable to use the warmer baby pool at the leisure center


With your kids about, you can act like a big kid, and nobody seems to judge you for it! Can you add any more to the list? Write them in the comments section below!

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