Snoring Ring

A pinky ring that can prevent snoring? Seriously?

So… what the hell is this ring all about? and how the frig is it supposed to prevent snoring?

Apparently, it has something to do with acupuncture. I have chosen to volunteer myself as the guinea pig for this either outrageous or ingenious design idea, and intend to share my experiences with the world! (Or whoever decides to read this).

So, here goes.

I received two ring options- medium and small. After reading the instructions I found that both ring options were adjustable. The medium was the better fit and slid comfortably onto the pinky finger. The small gap in the top of the ring allowed it to be tightened or loosened depending on what felt most comfortable. The instructions were clear and a diagram was provided in order to show the best way to wear the ring to ensure that it achieved maximum results. I also wore it half an hour before I intended to sleep as detailed within the instructions.

So there I was, all set for bed. My partner agreed that she would be the judge on whether or not the ring was doing its job (As how would I know? I’d be asleep, right?)


Below, I have written a 7 day summary of how it went.

Day #1 (Monday): I must have worn it too tightly because it hurt to take it off in the morning! It didn’t seem to prevent the snoring. I got awoken numerous times in the night by my partner telling me to shut the hell up.

Day #2 (Tuesday): Partner heard no snoring, although she thinks that she fell asleep first. She doesn’t remember being awoken at all through the night.

Day #3 (Wednesday): Partner says that I was breathing so heavily that she wanted to put a pillow over my face. Halfway through the night my partner told me to take the ring off because this sound was more annoying than the snoring. (I can’t win!)

Day #4 (Thursday): Partner says that I was snoring loudly (I have the bruises to prove it). Although I did loosen the ring before wearing it this time because it felt too tight the night before.

Day #5 (Friday): This night was a weird one. Apparently I was breathing heavily, but not to snoring level. Was it working?

Day #6 (Saturday): My partner said that she heard no snoring or heavy breathing but that could have either been because she was sleeping heavily (I could have been dead, and she wouldn’t even have noticed…) or the ring was working.

Day 7 (Sunday): Apparently I was breathing loudly, but my partner recalls no snoring.


Trial week= COMPLETE!

The ring seems to somehow turn snoring into heavy breathing, and so I guess that I can confirm that it kind of works. My partner has stopped punching me awake which is a bonus, and I no longer awaken myself with the sound of my own snort. Perfect!

However, I realise that whatever I write isn’t likely to stop you from being sceptical about this product. How can a ring on the pinky finger prevent someone from snoring, right? To be honest, I had the same reservations about it, almost to the point of turning down the sample. I didn’t think it would work and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking the same. I guess, the only way to know for sure that it will prevent you or a loved one from snoring is to try it out. Go for it!


You can visit their website for more info:


Goodnight Snoring is also on social media:   ( @AntiSnoringRing   )



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