It’s a twin thing

As a father of three daughters, I can often feel outnumbered. With my partner included, I have the wonderful misfortune of having to live with four members of the opposite sex. One of my girls is a toddler and the other two are twin eight year olds. This blog will focus on the twins.

Many would argue that they are identical, but they definitely have their own distinct features and personality traits. Twin 2 has the tendency to answer back. Considering she’s only eight, she’s actually pretty good at it and it frustrates the hell out of me. The days of bluffing are gone, no longer can I threaten to put her in the garden shed or lock her in the cupboard. She’s figured me out. She knows I won’t do it and she just stares. Checkmate. I have no more moves and she knows it.

Twin 1 hasn’t yet realised my tactic of empty threats but she certainly knows how to throw a tantrum. She roars and thumps in a way that I can only describe as chimp-like and her eyes resemble the same insanity as those of Bobby Beale (I can’t believe I just made as Eastenders reference… *Holds head in shame*). Ive come to realise that I’m terrible at disciplining eight year old girls.

When they’re not being massive pains in my arse, they’re actually pretty pleasant company. They love to dance, and I love to dance with them. Not professionally by any stretch, just around the living room in our own little wackadoodle way. They have an incredible amount of confidence (Which they certainly don’t get from me). They like to be the centre of attention in a way that can often be seen to others as attention seeking. If all eyes aren’t on them, then they try and make sure that they are.

I’m not sure whether or not it’s a twin thing, but the two of them seem to have their own little language. It’s odd to witness, but also rather cute. Half of the time, I don’t have a clue what they’re on about. They look at me as if I’m the odd one and sit laughing between themselves. I don’t question it any more, and have just come to assume that whatever they’re talking about must be an inside joke that I’m not ‘cool’ enough to be a part of.

Whenever I try and talk with twin 1, she seems to have the tendency to ‘Switch off’. I’ll be talking to her, expecting her to respond, but then notice mid-sentence that her eyes have wandered towards the TV. It does my friggin’ head in. Are all children like this?

As sisters go, they’re both generally good to one another. They’ll help each other out if one of them is struggling with homework, they’ll play nicely together on the trampoline out in the garden and they’ll share sweets with each another without being asked. However, Twin 1 soon loses her loyalty when given an opportunity to get twin 2 told off. She’s a right grass. If twin 2 has done something wrong, then it’s almost guaranteed that she’ll squeal on her.

My kids are hard work… but I wouldn’t change them for the world.

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