Sorry Daddy

Proud Dad

So today my little girl gave me a swift kick to the leg whilst I was innocently lying on the living room floor. Of corse, she didn’t mean too, she had just run in from the kitchen and wanted a cuddle. It was unexpected, and so of corse, I couldn’t help but flinch. Thinking that she may have caused me pain, she looked at me in a way that I hadn’t seen before. She apologised with the cute words ‘Sorry daddy, let me kiss it better’. This sentence alone filled me with pride. Not only for the politeness and thoughtfulness that she was displaying, but also for her ability to form a full sentence.

My girls are growing up far too quickly and a part of me wants them to stay at this age forever. I don’t think I want them to grow up. My baby girl is at a beautiful age, and watching her develop an unbelievably amazing personality is the best feeling in the world. My twins are at an age that they’re gradually gaining independence but they’re still not too independent to not need me around anymore. I can still act like an idiot and they aren’t yet embarrassed of me, in fact, they still join in. I’m sure any parent feels the same. I’m proud of how far they have come and I love that to them, my partner and I are their world, and that they are ours.

All of my children are incredible and I couldn’t be prouder of them. I am an incredibly lucky man.

Appreciate every moment you spend with your children, because one day they will be…all…grown…up.

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