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My partners Disney obsession

My partner is obsessed with Disney, and I mean COMPLETELY obsessed.

In particular, she has an increasingly large collection of dolls. I mean, my house is overcrowded with princesses (and this isn’t even including my three daughters!) Now, don’t get me wrong, I actually love that she’s a keen collector, because (as mentioned in blog post ‘childhood collections‘) so am I.

However, my collections are small and folder sized, but my partners on the other hand… Well… Let’s just say, we’re running out of space to store them. Each doll is 17 inches in height and my partner has 23 of them… And Disney continue to bring more out…

I have already lost two walls, put up four shelves and yet still have three dolls to find space for! DAMN YOU DISNEY!

Not only am I watched ominously by shelves of dolls, but my living room book shelf is also overtaken by rows and rows of both Disney DVDs and Bluerays! (Her favourite is Beauty and the Beast).

I have come to realise, that with my Disney obsessed partner and three  little princesses of my own, I have little choice but to embrace anything and everything Disney…

So on that note…

What is your favourite Disney movie?


Who is your favourite character and why?


Thanks for reading!

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