Thanks for following! – 5 things I have learnt so far

It’s been 3 months since I first launched my blog and new Twitter account! (13th June 2016 to be exact). I guess I’m writing this as a celebratory post and to say Thankyou to everybody that has followed me so far. I have just reached 1000 followers! – Yippee!

For me, blogging has been a fun little hobby that I have enjoyed developing alongside my day job as a designer. I have not been up and running for long, but have already written 26 posts!


5 things I have learnt so far:


#1 – Getting noticed –

It’s a lot harder to get people interested in reading your blog posts than I thought it would be – there are so many fantastic bloggers out there and so much competition!

#2 – Reviews –

I never expected to be writing product reviews/articles when I first launched the blog. But, whilst blogging, I have been approached and sent a few free kiddy products in exchange for honest opinions and it’s made me realise that blogging can lead you down many exciting paths!

Thanks to @obbalondon @bigjigtoys @bakerdays for working with me!

#3 – If you don’t ask, you don’t get! –

Along my Twitter journey, I have spoken to a lot of lovely people – some of them have even been kind enough to offer me advice! I am an extreme beginner when it comes to Twitter and blogging (this was my first ever Twitter account!) and so by asking experienced users, I have learnt a lot!

Special thanks to @daddyinlondon @AyeLined and @petite_pudding

#4 – Discovering your blogging niche –

The hardest thing about blogging is trying to find your own style and working out how to make yourself different from the rest. I have written fun posts, sentimental posts, soppy posts, nostalgic posts and more… I am still trying to discover which of my posts are best received!

#5 – It’s important to Interact and help others too! –

Many bloggers are in the same position as you are and are going through the exact same process as you are! Some are just starting out and some have been around for years! Be sure to talk, learn about them, offer advice, comment on their blogs and help them on THEIR journey too. If you help others, they are a lot more likely to repay the favour and try and help you back.


Thanks for reading and thanks to all of my followers! I really really appreciate it!

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